About this Brand:

We believe in Ameircan-made, professionally engineered, high quality products. Kona E-Liquids was created for just that reason. Our mission is to offer the best tasting, highest quality e-liquids available on the market. All of our juices are produced in an ISO 7 Certified Clean Room and proudly manufactured in the USA.

Working side by side with a PHD Chemist, every Kona flavor has been put through several test runs and batches that didn't make the cut in order to achieve the quality of flavors in the juices we bring to you today. Why? Because we are absolutely committed to delivering Kona customers the absolute best vaping experience they've ever had. We strive to continue setting the bar higher and establishing ourselves as the gold standard of e-liquid manufacturing on the market. Taste some for yourself today, and let us know how we did! 

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