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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Best E juice Flavor of 2018: Ultimate Guide for Your Vaping Experience

Best E juice Flavor of 2018: Ultimate Guide for Your Vaping Experience

Best E juice Flavor of 2018: Ultimate Guide for Your Vaping Experience

Looking for the best e juice flavor to be paired with your perfect e-cigarette? Since you are a vape aficionado you surely wanted a new purchase but the market offers a variety of the best e juice flavors. The more choices there are, the more you clamor with it.  Whether you want a DIY for your ultimate vape experience or try out the popular flavors in the market, selecting the best-rated e juice flavors should not be a daunting task. Because you wanted that best e juice flavor mix for all the right reasons, here is your guide for your best e-cig experience.

Best E juice Flavor of all time

Now, we are about to start how blissful it is to try out the fruit and menthol flavored e juice.

Best E juice Flavor: Fruit Flavor

Apple is the new candy. Or should I say apple is the new best e juice flavor? Once you've tried Juice Roll Upz Apple, it will dominate your love for sweet fruit. The crisp sophistication of green apples packed with freshness is what made this so special. Roll Upz has indeed mastered the sought after taste of apple among vapers worldwide.

Further on, the raspberry flavored e juice is a popular purchase from vapers. The Blue Raspberry is a fantastic flavor for berry lovers. It's like having a mouthful of raspberry with a candied twist on it, giving you that extravagant premium fruity flavor.  

Roll Upz has continued to impress its costumer of yet another all-time favorite. The Orange-Cherry is a great fusion from these fleshy fruits that emanates perfection. It doesn't dry up your throat so you can choose to vape on all day. Could this be the best e juice flavor? Perhaps it is and undoubtingly, deserves a high recommendation.

Not only Roll Upz has heartening best e juice flavors but also naked 100 is a tough competitor. Take melons into consideration. Perhaps one of the fruits frequently made into e liquids. Naked 100, therefore, has strikingly brought us All Melon. This e juice has taken other melon flavors far behind. What's better than a melon but all melon! To achieve excellence, Cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon are joined together in harmony. You can tell for sure that the taste of it is screaming goodness and freshness.

Best E juice flavor: Menthol Flavor

The exotic flavors initiated by Naked 100 has proven their dedication to giving consumers the best e juice flavors. For menthol lovers, the choices of menthol-blend e juices from this brand remain promising. Naked 100 has become an all-time favorite e juice brand.

Brain Freeze from Naked 100 is the first in line. This e-liquid is not your typical cool flavored e juice. It had combined the rich flavor of strawberry, tartness of kiwi and the sweetness of pomegranates upon inhale and leaves you with the menthol cool exhale. It's more than satisfying to have the experience of what exactly you're expecting from what you bought. Two thumbs up and a high five for this awesome e juice.

Polar Breeze on the other hand formerly known as Frost Bite is a perfect blend of cantaloupe, honeydew and a lovely dose of menthol. The hint of menthol is a good choice for those who want a discreet menthol taste just enough to give you the cooling effect.

To amuse us more, Naked 100 has impressively created Hawaiin Pog on Ice. The blend could take us brushing our toes on the sand with the inviting goodness of passion fruit, orange, and guava infused with menthol. This e juice flavor has delivered impressive concoction for our love of the tropical experience. 

Not to mention, a bestseller from Juice Roll Upz.  The Grape Ice' intoxicatingly delicious blends have taken us instead to the Arctic. Among other menthol-flavored e juice, this exotic mix is strikingly majestic. The splash of grape juice coupled with menthol has made it a top-notch. 

Final Thoughts on the Best E juice Flavor

Much of these best e juice flavor has been a constant favorite from consumers all over the world. It is a privilege for to be the home of the best e juice flavors the entire planet can find.

The wide array of choices from one flavor to another would give you the chance to try them out and see the adventures behind your choices, your moods and ideas. I bet you will love every unique flavor you will find. Enjoy!

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